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Moving is something that most people dread — the idea of having to pack up all of their belongings and safely transport them to a new home. It’s intimidating. Certain tricks can make the process more manageable. Read below to get a list of moving and packing tips. These tips will make the experience smoother, allowing you to pack and then unpack faster than you had hoped.

Make a Packing Plan

A person needs to plan out their packing to know that they will have time to get it all done before they need to be out of their house. Before any packing work begins, one should sit down and write out a schedule for when they will be packing up each room in their home.

Clear Unused Items from a Home Before Packing

A move is a perfect excuse to declutter a home. Anyone that’s held onto the original boxes for appliances and electronic devices in their home may want to recycle those before they start packing up. One might also get rid of worn bedding, clothing, and items children have outgrown. There is no point in packing and moving items that will not be used.

Use Towels and Other Soft Items to Protect What is Fragile

When someone is packing up glassware in their kitchen, they might protect each piece by wrapping it in a towel or cloth napkin. Towels, blankets, and other soft items can protect glass pieces.

Fill Each Box in Full

It is essential for each box that one packs up to be truly full. Heavier items should always be at the bottom of the box, and then the box should be stuffed full to fit maximum items in the limited amount of space that the moving truck provides. Remember that while you do want all boxes to be full, it is better not to make them too heavy to lift comfortably. That is how broken boxes and injuries occur.

Label Boxes Well

If one wants the job of setting up their new home to be easy to handle, they should label each box well as they are packing. It can be helpful to know what is meant to go in the linen closet and what will be stored down in the basement.

Anyone who is organized to pack up their home can have a good experience unpacking. There is a way that one should go about packing to get everything done in the most efficient way possible.

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